WordPress has always been a very popular tool for blogging. More recently, WordPress is being used a full-blown Content Management System (CMS). The benefits of using a CMS are many.

One of the advantages are that you have control of the content on the site. We can create great looking sites and create the structure for you. We can even help you fill the site with useful content.

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Bespoke .Net

Bespoke development simply means – we will build it to your specifications. When we say build it, we mean from the ground up. We start by discussing your needs with you and your team. We author a specification document that we all agree on, and then we get cracking. Throughout the development process, we keep

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Mobile Apps

It’s undeniable that our society is heavily reliant on mobile devices. Whether you are an Apple, Android or Blackberry user, our life is so hectic and fast paced that we would find it difficult to get through the day without our mobile device. Not only can mobile devices (this includes tablets too) be used for

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CloudFirst Website Launch

We welcomed CloudFirst as a new client only a couple of weeks ago. After specifications discussions, analysis and many late night conversations, we have released a finished business website.

The site has lots of “fancy” techniques including:

  • Hero images
  • Static header images
  • Video clip header backgrounds
  • Carousels and sliders with complex transitions
  • Parallax background images
  • Various different blog post types (eg video, audio and quotes)

The site is based on a custom WordPress theme which allows the creative team at CloudFirst to modify their own content and make changes without having the constantly call the developers.

If your business needs a website refresh, or you would like to advertise your product or service, give us a call or click the Contact Us link here. We would love to work with you.

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We partnered Cloudfirst to customise the theme. We incorporated Google Maps, fixed headers and menus and parallax cover images.

You can see the site here – http://www.cloudfirst.com

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The Second Podcast From Web Design With .Net

This episode talks about how to structure your .Net solution and some tips and tricks for tools to use. You will find out things like:

  • How to limit data access by setting references correctly
  • How to use dependency injection with Unity
  • How to do object mapping with AutoMapper
  • How to use T4 templates to do repetitive work for you

These are just a few items. You can find out more by clicking the link and also subscribe to the YouTube or Itunes channel.

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Caboolture Sports Cricket Club

Woolston Web Design is proud to partner with the Caboolture Snakes Cricket Club in the design and launch of their new website. We met with committee members and discussed the goals for the club. Then we discussed how a new website will contribute to their marketing plans and strategy for bringing in new players and keeping existing ones.

Previously, the club had been relying on social media sites for communication and promotion. This was not getting the club where it wanted to go, so we decided on a WordPress driven website where club officials could manage content themselves. We also discussed social media integration so that we could continue to capture that audience. That means that someone could post a news link on the website and it will automatically be sent to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ etc.

The design needed to be bright and colourful because children are a large target demographic for the club. We also needed to build in support for publicizing game scores, allowing for registration and sign-on and general news involving the club.

We are proud to launch the Caboolture Sports Cricket Club’s new website. Go and have a look for yourself. You will find it at http://www.caboolturesportscricket.com.au.

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WDWDNet Screencast #3 – Using SASS in Visual Studio MVC Projects

This video is a description of how to incorporate SASS into your Visual Studio projects. Using the application, Web Essentials, you can use SASS (CSS pre-processor) in your MVC and Web Forms projects. Web Essentials compiles the SASS into standard CSS so you can include the stylesheet in your project. All you need to do is reference the CSS file in your MVC bundle or Master File.


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